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Indian Passport Lost Abroad – How to travel back to India?

Indian Passport is the most important document for an Indian Citizen while traveling abroad, as it is the proof for any international authority that you are an Indian Citizen. Losing your passport can be highly stressful and can ruin your holiday or work trip. Follow the below steps to reissue your passport and get back to India safe & sound.

Register a Police Complaint for lost Indian Passport

Locate the nearest police station after you realize your passport has been stolen and file a complaint regarding the theft or loss. Keep the document safely with you, as this serves as the proof about your lost passport and other valuables(if any). Police report is mandatory while applying for emergency certificate or reissue of passport.

Get in touch with Indian Embassy

Go to the nearest Indian Embassy and inform them about your passport theft/loss. One of the major duties of Indian Embassies abroad is to assist the citizens of India, either settled in that country or there for a trip. Check out the list of Indian Embassies and Diplomatic Offices around the world –

Contact the mission nearest to you and explain them the issue. Now you will have two options as to reissue the passport or get an emergency certificate. You can apply for reissue if you are going to be there in the country for more than 7 days otherwise you need to apply for emergency certificate so that you can safely come back to India.

Apply for a New Passport

To get your passport reissued, following documents are required to be submitted at the embassy –

  1. Copy of Lost Passport
  2. Copy of Police Report
  3. Passport Photos
  4. Copy of flight tickets & Visa
  5. Application detailing the reason of reissue

Apply for Emergency Certificate

If you want to travel to India and cannot wait for a week then you need to apply for emergence certificate, which authorizes you to travel to India for this one time without your passport. To get an emergency certificate, you will need the following documents –

  1. Fill up the form for Emergency Certificate
  2. Passport Size Pictures
  3. Copy of Passport
  4. Police report of Loss/Theft of your Indian Passport

Visa Reissue

All the Visas associated with your passport will become void with the loss of your passport. These can be reissued by visiting at the old embassy and showing them your new passport, copy of old passport and copy of visa.

Insurance Claim

If you took the travel insurance before travelling abroad, you can claim your insurance regarding expenses of passport renewal whenever you are back to India. Police Report & bills at the time of renewal are very important to file the claim.

As you can see that basically on every step you need to have a copy of your Indian passport, copy of your Visas, copy of police report etc. But as we all know it is very difficult to maintain all the documents and keep them updated, so for that issue we have developed a mobile app where you can organize & manage all your documents automatically. You can upload seamlessly using whatsapp and forwarding email.

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