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Aadhaar Card – Interesting & Fun Facts

Aadhaar Number is a Unique 12-digit number issued to citizens of India who opt for it voluntarily. It is a proof of residence for the person. Aadhaar Card is issued by UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India) through biometric & biographic profiling of an Indian Resident.

  • 1st Aadhaar was issued way back on 29th September 2010 to a resident of Nandurbar in Maharashtra
  • As of October 2019 we have 124 Crore+ Aadhaar holders in India
  • NRIs & OCIs are not eligible to get an Aadhaar Card, it is available only to Indian Residents
  • The age distribution of Aadhaar Card Holders – Up to 5 years of Age – 5 Crore+(Approx 4%), 5 to 18 years of Age – 27 Crore+(Approx 23%) and 18+ years – 92 Crore+(Approx 73%)
  • Aadhaar is the World’s Largest Biometric Database
  • UIDAI can generate, print and dispatch more than 15 Lakh Aadhaar Cards per day
  • Aadhaar for Children(< 5 years of age) is linked to Aadhaar of their parents as their biometric keeps on changing frequently.
  • As Aadhaar is linked with biometrics, if a person tries to fake an Aadhaar Card, either he will be caught or will be stuck for the fake identity for the rest of his life.
  • Aadhaar Number is a sensitive information but not a secret. It is like your bank account number, though it is not advised to just put it publicly but it can be shared for various purposes.
  • Iris scan can be skipped for people with eye ailments – retina damage, cataract or partial/complete blindness
  • Aadhaar Number is the real identity of a person and not the card as such. It is verifiable online on UIDAI Website or Digilocker
  • Aadhaar was officially declared as a “Hindi Word of the Year” by Oxford Dictionary in 2017

As Aadhaar is a critical document to prove your identity and address, you can maintain it on the highly secure Sorted AI Mobile App.

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