Documents required while traveling

Travel Tips – 10 important documents required while traveling

“Around The World In Eighty Days” is a well-known work of literature by the renowned French author Jules Verne. Set in 1872, it revolves around a bet to travel around the world in 80 days. While the premise is humorous and would be easily possible today, with the advancement of transportation technology, entering another country has certainly become far more difficult in today’s world. Borders have been locked down and strictly monitored and traveling from one country requires several documents that one must mandatorily carry with themselves if they are to avoid arrest and deportation.

List of Documents required while traveling

  • Passport (Original and Scanned copy)
  • Visa: Though it’s a myth that, you need to apply for a visa to travel around. There is some travel destination in the world wherein no paperwork is needed only small processing fees is all that’s required).
  • Travel Ticket.
  • Identity Card (For Domestic Flights; Aadhar Card, Driving License).
  • Medical and Travel Insurance.
  • Invitation Letter or Green Card if any.
  • Entry Permit (while traveling, some countries require an entry permit to be carried).
  • Foreign Currency(you need to carry a sufficient amount of money to travel and survive in the visiting country)
  • Student ID Card: To avail specific discounts not only on flights, hotels but also on tickets to museums, parks, etc.
  • Passport Sized Photograph.

Country specific Documents requirement

Essential documents required while traveling can change depending on the country you are traveling to –




United States of America

The travel documents may vary from one country to another. You might need to carry some extra paperwork for certain destinations but the above- mentioned travel documents are most certainly needed for all travel stops. Sorted AI is an app that can help you gather your documents into one folder so that, at the time of travel your documentation is one click away. You can travel with ease. Sorted AI can also keep a record of your travel history so that whenever your family member requires it you can just share with them. With this App on your mobile phones, it will make your travel a lot  smoother and easier

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