Simplify Event Planning

Event Planning : Guide to simplify the process

India is a culturally rich country. We identify ourselves as citizens of a secular and diverse nation, and we most certainly live up to our words. India has a large population with different religious backgrounds, each with its own customs, laws, and festivals. Each festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and spirit, not just by members of that community, but by everyone who is a part of the society.

Take, for example, Durga Puja – the biggest festival of the year in the State of West Bengal, celebrated most famously in the city of Kolkata. Though this is a festival of the Bengali Hindus, members of every religion who are either residents of Kolkata or were born and brought up in the city that they have now left behind, or are just tourists, await this festival with excited anticipation and celebrate the five days with unmatched spirit. One can only fathom as to the level of organizational and managerial skills required to host a festival that lasts several days, visited by thousands each day.

In India, marriages are, quite simply put, affairs of great importance, lasting 3 to 4 days and calling upon the planning and management skills of both the bride and the groom, always making the planning process a tedious one. Event Planning makes everything fall into place, as can be expected from a well laid out plan; and in the words of Colonel Hannibal Smith,“one loves it when a plan comes together.”

How to simplify event planning?

To simplify planning an event, take care of the the following steps –

  • Listing and Reserving the dates of the venue for different events.
  • Deciding the catering, entertainment, and decor for every function in the event.
  • Booking the organizers for the event and coordinating with the family.
  • Keeping multiple back up plans for the events as at the last moment anything can go wrong.
  • And most importantly, filing the necessary receipts and bills in an organized manner, so that if in the off chance that something does go wrong, one doesn’t have to worry about compensation.

All these facets of events require a proper mechanism for organizing and managing an event. Monica Geller may not be available but Sorted AI is the perfect app for this kind of event planning as it has a feature that allows one to easily organize and manage various documents. Moreover, it also has an additional feature that makes it possible for the user to set reminders through which one can never go late for an appointment. One will find every tool and paraphernalia that one might need to manage one’s list of events, their itinerary of work, appointments for multiple occasions, etc. Also, one would have access to a search and find an option in case one needs to find a name on the guest list in a matter of seconds.

To conclude, Sorted AI is the one-stop application for all of one’s event planning needs and there’s absolutely no need to look elsewhere!

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