Minutes of Meeting - What, How & Why?

Minutes of Meeting: What, How & Why?

Meetings are a vital aspect of every business environment. In a professional setting, one has to be particular about the discussions taking place for looking into the details of it later on. So, in every business meeting, one individual is assigned the task of noting down the minutes of meeting for managers and employees to have a reflection on it in the further course. It is an important source of document when it comes to annual general meetings (AGMs) as this shows the working of the company and it can be presented to other companies and clients as evidence of the working of the company.

Contents of Minutes of Meeting

An effective MoM contains the following –

  • Name of the members in the meeting.
  • Calendar/ Due Date
  • Task assigned to everyone in the meeting
  • Work done records presented in the meeting
  • Agendas for the meeting.
  • Voting Details of the meeting.
  • Recording of Future Decision.
  • Recording of various other decisions.
  • Key Takeaways of the meeting
  • Scheduling of next weekly/monthly/annual general meeting.

Importance of Minutes of Meeting

  • Everyone’s on the same page: The minute to minute is a document wherein all the note-taking in the meeting are listed down, the upcoming events are marked, dates are booked for appointments, etc. These documents help the office management to not run around the bush and finish the objective laid down in the meeting to achieve the goal for the week/month.
  • Provides Structure to the work environment: Instead of making a shot in the dark, all employees work with a common goal which helps them in bringing structure to their work.
  • Record of decisions held in the meeting: It helps in keeping a check on the record of all the documents, decisions and votes taken in the meetings. It acts as evidence for any disagreement.

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