Importance of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration – All you need to know

Trademark is defined as a unique identity given to a product which makes it different from the rest of the products. Trademark can be given to a logo, name, smell, color, combination, slogan, photograph. Most of all, trademarks are famously used in logos and names. Trademark is important to protect your uniqueness in the logo from others so that no one can replicate your logo. In India, trademark registration is done under the act named, The Trademark Act, 1999 and are registered by the Controller General Of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Ministry Of Industry and Commerce, Government Of India. The registration of the trademark provides you with a right to sue against others who might try to copy your trademark or try to infringe on your trademark rights. You can trademark not only in India but outside India as well.

Why is Trademark Important?

Here are the following points as to why is trademark important for a company,

  • Trademark provides you legal protection by giving you the right to sue in cases of infringement of trademark rights.
  • Trademark acts as an asset to your company logo or name and creates a brand which in the later course of time is commercially sold, contracted and franchised.
  • Trademarks help you in giving a unique identity to your company which over a period of time gains popularity and is safeguarded through the trademark.

What are the Documents required for Trademark Registration?

The documents that are essential for Trademark Registration are:

  • Identity And Business Proofs (Aadhar card, driving license, passport or voter’s id): Trademark owner or anyone who is authorized by the trademark owner for the registration process has to submit their Identity and Business Proof.
  • Logos and Tag lines: In case your trademark application is for tagline consisting only words, then there is no need for a logo. And if the logo is used then it must be in black and white format. It must be noted that the number of words used in the logo must match the number of words mentioned in the trademark application.
  • Applicant’s name
  • Business type
  • Business objectives
  • Brand/logo/slogan name
  • Registration address
  • Form 48: If an attorney is authorized to file a trademark application on your behalf to trademark registrar then trademark user affidavit has to be submitted.

Can trademark registration be done online?

Yes, with the digital world we live in everything can be done online. To file registration of trademark online refer to

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