Epidemic Diseases Act Simplified

Epidemic Diseases Act Simplified

The Epidemic Diseases act of 1897 is aimed to prevent the spread of “dangerous epidemic diseases”. It is one of the shortest acts in India with only 4 sections as described below –

Sections of Epidemic Diseases Act

Section 1 – This section describes the title and context

Section 2 – This explains of all the special powers vested to the Central & State government to take special measures to curb the spread of “dangerous epidemic disease”

Section 3 – This contains the penalties for violating the regulations of the Epidemic Diseases Act such as “Six months imprisonment or ₹1000 fine or both to who disobeys the act”

Section 4 – It talks about the legal protection to the officers acting under this act.

Section 2 – Powers of the Government

When a state or a part of state is threatened by the outbreak of a dangerous epidemic disease then Section 2 empowers the government to take some measures and implement them to be followed by the public such as –

  • Cordoning off a geographical area
  • Closure of schools & offices
  • Ban on public gathering like implementing Section 144
  • Restrictions on vehicle movement
  • Designate all the government officials to work to contain the disease
  • Utilize any public or private building as containment units for isolation cases

Sub Section 2A of the Epidemic Diseases Act also empowers the government to inspect any ship arriving or leaving the port and gives power to detain any person intending to come in the country or leave.

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