7 Things to do in a Lockdown

7 Things to do in a Lockdown

As per our PM Mr. Modi’s address on 24th March a nationwide lockdown has been imposed in the country. It means that only essential services would be functional and everyone has to stay at home for the next 21 days to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. But as humans we are used to the touches, handshakes & hugs. And as I live alone, I thought how could I utilize the 21 days to work on the much awaited thought of increasing my productivity and improving my lifestyle. I could at least think of the following 7 things to do in this Lockdown –

Upskill with Online Courses

With the usual BAU(business as usual) we rarely get time to focus on our skills and to upgrade them. You can work on skills that would help you in your next promotion or really bump up your upcoming appraisal.

Upskill using online courses during Lockdown | 7 Things to do in a Lockdown

Pursue a Hobby

Do you really envy your cousin who plays guitar and just takes all the appreciation and attention? You can use these 21 days lockdown to pick up a new hobby such as playing a guitar, painting, dancing etc.

Pursue a Hobby | Things to do in a Lockdown


While you have been caught up for 3 hours travelling everyday to and fro office your spouse just finished a whole TV Series. Utilize the free time given because of this lockdown to binge-watch shows on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc.

Binge-watch | Things to do in a Lockdown

Focus on your Health

Long hours of work and inactive lifestyle takes a toll on our health specially our back(spine) and our digestive system. With the extra time in hand you can work on your lifestyle by getting involved in activities like Yoga, Exercising, Meditation etc.

7 Things to do in a Lockdown 1

Connect with Old Friends

How long has it been for you to connect with your school or college friends? How long has it been that you laughed on the same joke or incident for the 15th time?
During this lockdown just reach out to those old friends whom you have not talked to in a while and cherish those old memories.

7 Things to do in a Lockdown 2

Spend time with Family

This is our most important suggestions in ‘7 Things to do in a Lockdown’. With all the hustle bustle and daily routine sometimes we just ignore the difficulties our parents might be going through in old life or just forget to play a game of cards with the family. During this lockdown ensure to devote at least an hour of your day with your family may be teach them how to play mafia 😉

Spend time with Family | Things to do in a Lockdown

Catch up on Reading

Been a while since you read a book rather than a report? This lockdown gives you the opportunity to catch up on your reading.

Catch up on Reading | Things to do in a Lockdown

With the entire routine gone down a spiral we all need a routine to stick by to make our lives better otherwise we will just get pulled to our comfort zones. With Sorted App you can make your schedule and we will make sure you stick to it.

Hope to see you better on the other side – do read our blog 7 top Do’s & Don’ts during this Lockdown 🙂

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