Voter ID/Election Card – All you need to know! 2

Voter ID/Election Card – All you need to know!

Voter ID/Election Card also known as EPIC(Electoral Photo Identity Card) is issued by Election Commission of India to all the citizens of India who are eligible to vote. The purpose of Election Card is to serve as a photo identity card for voters to cast vote during elections in India.

A Voter ID contains – Unique Serial Number, Picture of Card Holder, Name, Father’s Name, Gender & Date of Birth. Important thing to note is that Voter ID card has no expiration date, hence they are valid till death of the holder.

How to Check your EPIC Number

Some of us are even unaware whether we hold a Voter ID Card or not. Follow the below steps to check whether you are a registered voter or not –

  1. Visit
  2. Put in the required information – Name, DoB, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Gender, Constituency Details
  3. Click on Search and if you have a valid voter id card the EPIC Number will show up

Eligibility of Voter ID Card Holder

  1. Person should be an Indian Citizen
  2. Should be more than 18 years old
  3. Should have a permanent address in India

Uses of Voter ID Card

  1. Election Card serves as a proof of address and identity
  2. Acknowledges that person is a registered voter of India
  3. Election Card can be used to avail many government schemes

How to apply for Constituency Change?

Fastest way for you to have your constituency changed online –

  1. Register on
  2. On the left hand side menu click on Migration to another place
  3. Choose whether you want it for just yourself or your family and whether migrating within constituency or changing constituency altogether
  4. Put in all the relevant details and upload all the relevant documents
  5. Submit the form and your changes will be done on approval from the authorities.

You can also avail this facility offline at the nearest State Election Office.

Description of Forms Required to Make Changes to Voter ID Card

Form 6 – Apply for shifting to a different assembly constituency

Form 6A – Apply for shifting to a different assembly constituency (overseas elector)

Form 7 – Apply for deletion from electoral roll

Form 8 – For corrections in electoral roll entry

Form 8A – To shift within Assembly Constituency

As described above you can make changes to your current electoral data in the same way by going to the relevant link on the home page.

As mentioned earlier Election Card can function as an Identity and Address Proof, so to have it readily accessible upload the Voter ID Card on Sorted AI.  


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