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Legal Paperwork – Easiest way to Manage!

As the American author and screenwriter Gabrielle Zevin has rightly quoted, “I have so much paperwork. I’m afraid my paperwork has paperwork.” This quote stands true for the field of legal paperwork. The amount of paperwork involved in the legal subject is incalculable. From filing of the case till the judgement is delivered, one thing that remains constant is the volume of legal paperwork. Almost every case in India takes years to end and this process requires tedious paperwork in copious amounts which has to be managed by the lawyers and advocates. There are several different types of suits and legal proceedings and each of these requires different abiding factors which has to be complied with. Therefore, the requirement to organise and manage the legal documentation is a capability a lawyer must have.

Civil, Criminal or misc Litigation – Legal Paperwork Requirement

Following is the process & paperwork required during litigation –

  • Filing a suit
  • Complaint
  • Petition
  • Counterclaim
  • Reply to Counterclaim
  • Will/Codicil
  • Contract/Agreement
  • Deed(Lease, Land, Rent)
  • Police Reports
  • Evidences

Is there an e-Filing portal for legal cases in India or Other counties?

Yes, there is an e-Filing portal for cases which requires you to upload all the documents electronically so everyone has to have a email-address. In India as well there is an e-Filing portal as well which requires you to set up an E-filing application for uploading legal papers electronically in all High Courts and Subordinate Courts.

Sorted AI is an app with organizing and managerial tools to ease the haphazard process of drafting, finding, chronologically arranging and filing of legal papers. This app will simplify your documents and arrange it in whatever order one might require by just uploading the documents. Moreover, e-filing has made legal documentations digital which adds up the need for having an organising and managerial application in one’s phones, thereby allowing a lawyer to manage and track his or her work even when he or she is on the move.

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