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Assam NRC – Facts & Figures

Lately you would have seen a lot of protests and activity on media because of Assam NRC & CAA(Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019). As soon as I got to know about Assam NRC, I went on to read on and on about it – what is NRC, procedure of NRC, timeline of Assam NRC etc. While reading I got to know some interesting facts which I have listed below –

For Assam NRC, ₹1600 Crores was spent for a population of approx. 3.3 Crore people i.e. approximately ₹530 per person.

52000 officials with over 2500 centres(NRC Seva Kendra) worked to get the Assam NRC completed

In the final NRC list, 3.11 Crore people were included and 19 Lakh people were excluded from the NRC.

A 1995 batch IAS officer of Assam-Meghalaya Cadre, Prateek Hajela, was tasked with completion of NRC of Assam.

218 companies of CAPF(Central Armed Police Force) was deployed on the day of publishing the final NRC List

Wipro collaborated with Government to provide technology and logistics support for creating Assam NRC.

The NRC was published 34 years after the Assam Accord was signed, more details can be found out here about the Assam NRC Timeline.

With various drafts of NRC that was published, the number of people included in the list have changed as follows –

1.9 Crore(2017) -> 2.9Crore(2018) -> 3.1 Crore (2019)

Any individual excluded from NRC, has 120 days to appeal to a Foreign Tribunal to prove his/her citizenship. If not satisfied with FT’s judgement, the appellant can approach High Court and Supreme Court after that.

Out of 19 Lakh people excluded from final draft of Assam NRC, 5 Lakh were Bengali Hindus, 7 Lakh were Muslims and the rest 7 Lakhs were local people or North Indian Hindus.

First attempt at NRC after 1951 was a pilot project in Chaygaon and Barpeta, but after violence against an IAS it was shelved.

Task of NRC was taken after a Supreme Court order in 2013, in response to a petition by Assam Public Works & Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha & Ors. This order mandated the State and Central Government to complete the updation of Assam NRC is accordance with Citizenship Act(1955) and Citizenship Rules(2003) Assam NRC is a result of a 6 year long agitation led by AASU(All Assam Students Union) and AAGSP(All Assam Gana Sangram Parishad)

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