Christian Marriage

Christian Marriage – How to get Marriage Certificate?

As mentioned in my previous blog, Documents Required for Marriage Certificate, Supreme Court has made it mandatory to register a marriage. Majority of the marriages are covered under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 & Special Marriage Act, 1954. But Christian Marriages are governed by The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 which we will be discussing below –

The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872

Under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, the marriage is solemnized by a minister or priest of the church. Under this act marriage of a christian and non-christian can also be executed. The age limit, consent and both parties to be single* norms are uniform across all the acts.

Notice of Marriage

Minister of Religion has to be notified if both the bride and groom live in the same area but if both of them live in different areas then separate intimation has to be given.

The notice consists of important details such as – basic details about the groom & bride and special cases such as one of the two is a minor. In the case where one of the two is a minor and has no guardian(father) then the mother of minor can give an approval for marriage, otherwise it would be an illegal marriage.

After getting satisfied of the notice, the minister issues a certificate in fulfillment of the notice, making it legal to solemnize the marriage. Only following people can solemnize the marriage –

  • Marriage Registrar appointed under this act or a representative appointed by him
  • Minister of Religion, only if he is licensed under this act
  • An individual under this act, licensed to marry Indian Christians
  • Clergyman of Church of Scotland

Procedure of Christian Marriage

After the fulfillment of Marriage Notice, a Minister or Priest perform the marriage between the 2 parties as per proper & essential rituals. At least 2 witnesses should be present apart from the couple and priest/minister.

Marriage needs to be performed within 2 months of the notice of marriage. If it misses the 2 month mark, the notice has to be given again.

Documents Required for Christian Marriage

Documents are more or less similar under all the different acts/laws in India –

  • Duly Filled Application Form
  • Age Proof
  • Residence Proof
  • Passport Photographs
  • Certificate of Solemnization issued by the priest or minister(who performed marriage)
  • Affidavit proving the mental & marital status before marriage

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