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Screenshots : What, How & Why? Automatically organize Screenshots!

Taking screenshots has become an inherent action for us like taking a selfie when we are all decked up for an event or taking a picture of a beautiful sunset. Everyone has different uses of Screenshots depending on his profession or his working style.

What Screenshots do we take?

 If you take my example I take screenshots of the following –

  • Any particular discount code which has come in the form of notification or an advertisement
  • Memes (who does not take a screenshot of memes 😉)
  • Conversations either related to work or gossip about another friend 😛
  • If I come across an amazing track while shuffling through radio channels & playlists
  • Competitions or investor events – at the end I am a bootstrapped founder
  • Travel Tickets for easy access in the airport
  • Social Media Posts related any events, articles or anything I feel important or fun 😊
  • LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook Profiles of People I want to connect with
  • Products I want to buy
  • Embarrassing poses of a friend while on a video call
  • Some random screenshots which get taken by mistake while locking your phone

Why do we take Screenshots?

Generally, we take these screenshots either to share or just out of FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) but how often do we go back to them to collaborate our ideas? Or just revisit some stuff we liked before? I feel the major reason here is that the current Screenshots Organizers or Gallery does not do justice to the screenshots as it does to the pictures. They just lie unused in a folder with no categorizing or anything.

Can Team Sorted AI do anything about organizing Screenshots?

I found out applications that would help me search through the text on my screenshot but no app could actually segregate my screenshots for me. It was again a manual and boring process. So we thought why not build a Screenshots Organizer along with a Documents Organizer. We rolled it out a week back or so but like every product it needs some tweak here & there to actually start helping all of us collaborate our ideas & thoughts in a better way. Following are the folders we are actually considering for now –

  • Conversations – the Best place to store your important conversations or gossips
  • Music – Holy Grail of all the dope tracks you have been listening to
  • Social – Comprises of all the screenshots of apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Meme – I do not need to expand on this at least 😛
  • Payments – For all the businessmen or freelancers, relax we have your back. Now screenshots containing any payment details such as a picture of a paytm transfer or a bank transfer will be stored here automatically.
  • Product – The headphones you liked a month back or screenshot of that beautiful skirt you took a while back – look here for all the products you have taken screenshots of.
  • Others – For anything else do visit this folder

I know we did not cover all the types I covered in my first paragraph but we are waiting for customer feedback as to what is needed and what should be taken away.

So you do not need to keep your ideas under a wrap now, keep on taking screenshots and give them life. Try out the 1st ever Automated Screenshots & Documents Organizer –

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