#Remember Mother's Day

#Remember Mother’s Day – Relive old memories

With this blog, #Remember Mother’s Day, we aim to recollect the small but important memories of our Moms.

Favourite dish from Mom’s Kitchen

The smell when our Mom’s used to make that Gajar ka Halwa or Fish Curry or Malai Kofta, Yumm! It is too difficult to forget that steaming hot pot of our favourite dish, all made for us to devour. Even if you eat at the best of restaurants from the best chefs, you still crave for food from your Mom’s kitchen. If you are someone living away from your Mom, this question is specially for you –

A dish you miss from your mom's kitchen - #Remember Mother's Day

Favourite Hobby of your Mom

All of us have tried our hands in playing a guitar, in painting, dancing etc. Our mothers pushed us to try out various hobbies and eventually pick up one. But do you remember your Mom’s favourite hobby?

Mom's favourite hobby - #Remember Mother's Day - 10th May

Co-activity with Mom

Yes! Playing gully cricket with friends or hide & seek with siblings was a lot of fun but an activity with Mom had a different feel and charm altogether. All of us have had some memories of an activity we loved to do with our Mom like – playing badminton, cooking, drawing etc. What was your favourite activity with your Mom?

An activity you loved to do with your Mom - #Remember Mother's Day - 10th May

Did you like irritating your Mom “sometimes”?

Since the early days our moms always bombarded us with Dos & Donts to become a better human being. But we always came up with our measures of irritating our Mom to take revenge for all of those rules and regulations ;). I loved to irritate my Mom with a few of my habits, what was yours? Which habit of your made your Mom angry?

Which habit of yours made your Mom angry? - #Remember Mother's Day

The “Secret” Recipe by Mom

Our Moms have the remedy for every worry of ours. Be it a headache or cold/cough or a money problem, she is always at the rescue. Let us all remember that scret recipe of our Mom which she gave us to cure the cold & cough.

Secret recipe for cold & Cough - #Remember Mother's Day

Favourite Vacay Destination of Mom

I am pretty sure you would be unaware about this. Now is the perfect time to ask your Mom and plan a holiday for her as soon as the Lockdown is over.

Mom's favourite Vacay Destination - #Remember Mother's Day

Is your Mom the BEST?

I have nothing more to write on this. Do think about this question and let us know in the comments why is your Mom the best 🙂

Is your Mom the best? - #Remember Mother's Day

#Remember Mother’s Day as to your mother is the one who remembered all your birthdays, 1st days at school, parent teacher meetings and much more. Now be a pillar for her and support her the rest of her life 🙂

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