Best Apps for working from home during lockdown

Best Apps for Working from Home during Lockdown

Amid increasing Covid-19 cases in India and all over the world, various governments have imposed Lockdown in their countries & cities. With a 21-day lockdown in India, a lot of people are working out of their homes. In this blog we will be discussing about the ‘Best Apps for Working from Home during Lockdown’.

As Work from Home has become a new norm right now and will be more used after this lockdown is over, you should be aware of the following apps which increase your productivity while working from home.

Virtual Meetings & Video Calls

Virtual Meetings & Video Calls - Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Cisco Webex, Join.Me, GoToMeeting - Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Zoom – This app has become one of the widely used apps to have calls within teams and company. With Zoom not only you can record your calls but also use it for broadcasting – for seminars or townhalls.

There are multiple other apps which you can use for video conferencing other than Zoom such as – Google Hangout, Skype,, Team viewer, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex etc.

Daily Peer to Peer Communication

Daily Communication - Whatsapp, Hangouts, Telegram, Viber, Messenger, iMessage. Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Whatsapp – With its simple UI and mass reach no product has been able to beat Whatsapp be it for personal communication or official work. It offers multiple features such as file sharing, video calling, group chats and much more.

Other amazing apps you can use are – iMessage/Facetime, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Google Hangout

Work or Project Management

Work/Project Management - Trello, Asana, Basecamp, ProofHub, Wrike, ClickUp. Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Trello – To keep track of projects and updating all the team members about the progress, Trello is a pretty good product. Though usually used by teams but can be used on an individual level as well.

Other beautiful apps to manage projects are Asana, Basecamp, ProofHub, Wrike, ClickUp, etc.

Team Collaboration & Communication

Team Communication - Slack, Hangouts, Rocketchat, Flock, Chanty, Microsoft Teams - Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Slack – With Slack you can converse with your team and colleagues much faster than emails and at the same time reduce your email clutter.

Other wonderful products for team collaboration are – Microsoft Teams, Flock, Rocket Chat, Chanty, Hangouts, etc.

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration - Drive, Quip, Sync, pCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive - Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Google Drive – With the reach Google products have it is difficult for any other product to currently beat Google Drive for collaboration on documents i.e. sharing, editing, creating, etc.

Other great products for enabling document collaboration are Dropbox, Quip, OneDrive, Sync, pCloud etc.

Personal Scheduler

Personal Scheduling Apps - Sorted AI, Wunderlist, Calendar, Microsoft To Do,, Todoist - Best Apps for Work from Home during Lockdown

Sorted AI – With its simple UI, Sorted AI is one of the best apps to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminders to never forget any important task and improve productivity.

Other superb products that can be used as a personal scheduler are Google Calendar, Todoist, Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do etc.

This brings us to the end of ‘Best Apps for Working from Home during Lockdown’. Do mention in your comments how do you feel about our choices and any other products we can add to the list here.

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