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Applying for a Job? List of Documents required

Secured a job recently or heading out for a job interview? Follow the check list below and keep the documents ready so that they do not become an obstacle between you and a wonderful job.

Before applying for jobs it is preferred to have the following documents ready –


Always keep at least 5 resumes(physical) in your bag while going for an interview and a copy stored online. Never rely on the HR of the interviewing company and always carry your resumes. Make sure the resume is short, crisp and printed properly on a white paper.


Do not forget to carry the assignment(If any) given by the recruiter beforehand or any projects you might have done which might influence the decision of the interviewer. It is perfectly fine to carry both of these as an online version in email or cloud storages.

Now when you crack the interview and secure a wonderful job, you need to be ready with many more documents. These documents would be checked for their legitimacy and for verifying whatever you have said in interviews or written in resume.

Employment Records required at Job Interview

As part of employment records, you need to have salary slips, Form 16A, appointment letter of previous job, appraisal letters and relieving letter. Details mentioned in your resume should be correct, as most of the companies now get the background verification done where they check each and every record with the respective company or organization.

Education & Course Certificates

School Marksheets(10th & 12th) and College Degree Certificate should be handy in your email or a cloud storage. Nowadays many do online or offline courses while working, so it is preferable to keep these handy as well.


Carry at least 3-4 photographs to submit to the HR while completing your joining formalities

ID Proofs

Do not forget to carry at least 2 identity proofs (one of them compulsorily PAN Card)

With all these in place and a spotless background check this should be completed in half a day. But the easier and better approach here would be to maintain all these documents already in a Smart Document Manager, where you just have to upload the document and it takes care of the rest such as organizing automatically and extracting dates to give you reminders.

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